Become a Resident Expert


  • Self-motivated student with a strong interest in helping others achieve a high level of academic work.
  • Ideal candidate will be a CHEM, ECON, MATH, and/or PHYS major or minor.
  • Will have achieved an A/A- (or exemption - ask us!) in the fundamental courses required for this major.
  • Read and adhere to the Resident Expert Contract (on the application form)

Time Commitment

Resident Experts are required to work 1.5 hours per week.

Resident Experts are authorized to facilitate one study hall for 1.5/hrs/wk. A pre-exam review session may be held (for finals) one time during reading period (only).

There may be random opportunities to participate in programs to promote the Resident Experts program.

Rate of Pay

The Tutor Clearinghouse pays its resident experts $15.00/hour.


As a Resident Expert, you will be expected to work independently on a weekly basis to initiate and hold tutoring sessions. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

Study Sessions

Hold open study sessions, scheduled during the day/time that works for both students and Resident Experts. Resident Experts typically meet for 1.5 hours each week.

Weekly Email

Candidates will be expected to send out an outreach email every week to all students enrolled in courses covered under their subject. Lists will be supplied by the Director of the Tutor Clearinghouse.


Keep attendance records for students utilizing program and report names to the Tutor Clearinghouse or the Athletic Office weekly for evaluation purposes.

Time Sheets

Fill out your Kronos timecard each week, identifying in the comment section which Resident Expert Session was being facilitated.


At the end of the term, a short evaluation of the program will be written. This will include what worked and what could be improved.

Training Sessions

Training sessions will be offered on a termly basis to help all Tutor Clearinghouse student staff achieve a level of excellence in their work.