About Resident Experts

Program Details

The goal of the Resident Expert is to provide weekly academic support to students in specific areas of concentration. Based on the high demand for tutors in these areas, the resident expert program was developed to offer a facilitated study hall that accommodates drop-in tutoring. The program has been designed to ensure adequate help to those that may not be assigned a tutor for the term or for those that may not be able to make office hours that week. This program is currently offering academic support to varsity student athletes, as well as some other communities of students who have indicated an interest in participating.

Student Athlete Resident Experts

The Student Athlete Resident Expert is a highly motivated student with a major in the areas of Chemistry, Economics, Math and Physics willing to spend 1.5 hours a week holding a facilitated study hall for student athletes and house community residents in need of tutoring. Check with the Associate Athletics Director for Peak Performance to learn more about Resident Expert services for student athletes!

House Community Resident Experts

The House Community Resident Expert is another highly motivated student with expertise in introductory Chemistry, Economics, Math, and Physics courses, willing to spend 1.5 hours a week holding a study session for members of the Resident Expert's respective house community.