Current Resident Experts

Resident Experts facilitate study hall sessions to accommodate drop-in tutoring.

Meet the Resident Experts

Our new group of Resident Experts will begin work at the start of Fall Term 2017.

Jacqueline Anders is the Chem Resident Expert for East Wheelock.  She is a double major in Chemistry and Spanish, from Colorado Springs, CO. In the future, she plans to be a doctor. On campus, she works in a Chemistry lab, hangs out in AXiD, and dances in the tango and salsa clubs. She has worked as a tutor for Organic Chemistry for two years and is a TA for both General Chemistry labs. She decided to become a Resident Expert in the hopes of helping other students succeed in challenging introductory Chemistry classes and guide students planning science majors. A fun fact about Jacqueline is that she was born on Halloween! 

My name is Callum Backstrom; I am the Biology Resident Expert for South/North Park house.  I am a biology major with a focus on ecology. My hometown is Wayne, Pennsylvania. On campus, I study the ecology and toxicology of mercury pollution in the lab of Professor Celia Chen, and I am a member of the Dartmouth Running Team. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in fisheries policy and research translation. In the past, I have worked for Tutor Clearinghouse as a tutor of Marine Biology and Ecology. I became the Bio Resident Expert for North Park/South houses to help biology students develop a passion for the natural world that extends beyond the expectations of their classwork. I went on the Dartmouth Biology Foreign Study Program to Costa Rica and Little Cayman Island last winter, and I spent this summer collecting data on Nantucket Island for my thesis about mercury bioaccumulation in freshwater fish.

Krishan Canzius is the Math Resident Expert for Allen House. Krishan is a mathematics and physics double major from Danville, California. He has been tutoring students primarily in math or physics for the past six years. He is also a captain of the Dartmouth Running Team and writes for the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science. As a resident expert, he wants to help students discover that math can be a truly interesting and creative subject. After graduation, Krishan plans to pursue a PhD in either math or physics. When Krishan is not running, he likes to bake bread in his free time.

My name is Yun Chao Chen and I’m a biology major / chemistry minor from Naugatuck, Connecticut. I am an active member of the Dartmouth swim and badminton clubs, and can often be found at [free food] events hosted by DAO. I conduct research on cancer therapeutics at Geisel and have been a teaching assistant for Bio 12 labs in the past. This year, I am excited to have been selected as the Chemistry Resident Expert for School House. As a lover of chemistry, my goal is to facilitate the learning process and help other students gain a firm grasp on the fundamentals of this field. With that said, don’t hesitate to hit me up on some questions – not just about chemistry! I am also a premed student and would love to share my experiences in this path.

My name is Yun Yue Chen and I am a biology major and chemistry minor from Naugatuck, Connecticut. As a student on who values his success as well as the success of those around him, I have worked and will continue to work with the Academic Skill Center as a tutor in the sciences. This fall (2017), I will also start my role as a Resident Expert in Chemistry for Allen House. Through this role, I hope to show students the fun and logical side of chemistry and to ultimately help them master its core principles. Aside from tutoring, I enjoy playing various sports, including tennis, swimming, and badminton. In addition, I work as a research assistant in a MCB Lab at the DHMC. My latest plans are to study for the MCAT and get into medical school.

Michelle Dundek is the Math Resident Expert for East Wheelock.  She is a mechanical engineering student with minors in Chinese and math from New Lenox, Illinois. She plans to graduate at the end of this school year and start working full time. She is looking forward to meeting incoming students and being a resource for them as a math Resident Expert. Michelle is also a member of the fencing team and a leader with Cabin and Trail. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and painting.

Jack Elder is a rising senior studying Economics and Computer Science. Jack is from Yarmouth, Maine and attended Stratton Mountain School prior to Dartmouth. He has served as an Economics tutor since his Freshman fall and previously worked as the DP2 Economics Resident Expert. On campus, Jack enjoys being involved in his fraternity, Psi Upsilon, and was previously a member of the Ski Team. As an Econ Resident Expert for West House, he is particularly interested in helping students in coursework related to econometrics, finance, and trade. Jack interned at Morgan Stanley this summer and will be returning after graduation. Other interests of Jack's include running, biking, and financial regulation. 

Claire Gasque is a ’19 originally from Bethesda, MD and is pursuing a double-major in physics and mathematics.  While she isn’t entirely sure yet what her future holds, her love of math, science, and education, combined with her enjoyment of research, which she discovered during the Astronomy FSP in South Africa, have led her to consider going into academia. As the West House Resident Expert in Mathematics, she’s excited to share her passion for math while helping students excel in their introductory math courses. Outside of her office hours, you’ll often find her playing her cello with the Preserves, a musical improvisation group, or helping students develop their writing as an RWIT tutor.  

Tim Hannan is a Classics and Economics major from New York; he has stepped up to be the Econ Resident Expert for Allen House. He has worked as a TA in the Classics department, and with the Academic Skills center as a tutor in Economics. Tim is the captain of the club golf team, and a member of Phi Delt. After graduation, he plans to work in the asset management field. He is excited to help students better comprehend introductory economic principles, and help expose them to all the interesting classes in the economics department.

Nan Hu is a computer science and mathematics double major from Ann Arbor, Michigan. On campus, he works at the IT Walk-in Center as a Student Consultant and has previously tutored through the Academic Skills Center. As a Math Resident Expert for School House, he seeks to provide students, especially first-years, with help and guidance in their classes and Dartmouth life, in general. Post-graduation, Nan hopes to start a career in tech as a software engineer while maintaining his hobby of reading interesting non-fiction.

Kennedy Jensen is a biology and anthropology double major from Canandaigua, NY. Around campus, she works with Find the Courage and trains with the Dartmouth Triathlon team. She spent this past summer in Kosovo on a team of Dartmouth students conducting health policy research. Kennedy has worked as a Learning Fellow and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the biology department for two years. As the Bio Resident Expert for Allen House, she is looking forward to working with students on material and helping them stay motivated to tackle difficult courses. After graduating in the Spring, she will pursue medical school.

Kevin Kang is a Biomedical Engineering Sciences major from Erie, Pennsylvania. Kevin is aiming for a career as a research physician and a Professor in an academic medical center. He loves teaching and joined the Resident Experts (East Wheelock/Biology) to hone his teaching skills along with improving his own knowledge base. He also loves giving back to the Dartmouth community; following graduation, he intends to stay at Dartmouth for Medical School. He has tutored in Math, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology for the Tutor Clearinghouse and held his first tutoring position as a Multivariable Calculus Study Group Leader during his Freshman fall. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science, a leader in the Nathan Smith Society-- Dartmouth's Pre-Health Organization--a researcher at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and a Teaching Assistant at the Thayer School of Engineering. A fun fact about him is that he once rode on the back of an elephant.

Akhila Kovvuri is an economics major from Hyderabad, India. On campus, she is involved with the Dickey Centre for International Understanding as a peer advisor and provides research assistantship to professors in the economics department. As an Econ Resident Expert for North Park/South Houses, Akhila would like to help students in introductory economics courses understand and apply the core concepts. She hopes to encourage them to explore the various fields within economics and take higher-level classes. She is interested in development economics and wishes to pursue a career in development research and policy.

Myung Chang Lee (Noah Lee) '18 is a Biology major from Seoul, South Korea. He has been working with the Academic Skill Center extensively for the past three years, as a tutor, study group leader, or resident expert. As a Bio Resident Expert for West House, he hopes to infect(?!) students with a sense of wonder and passion for biology, while also helping them succeed academically. He does glioblastoma research at the Havrda lab in DHMC, while also serving as the head of research for the Dartmouth iGEM team. When he is not making awful lab puns or creating dank memes, he enjoys serving as the musical director of X.ado and president of the Glee Club. He hopes to pursue a PhD degree following graduation.

Nicholas Norwitz is a cell biology major from Newton, MA. He has worked with the Academic Skills Center as a biology and chemistry tutor for the past three years. On campus, he is research assistant in the lab of Professor Sharon E. Bickel, works as a pre-health mentor, participates in the Nathan Smith Society, and is the undergraduate representative for Dartmouth’s Council on the Libraries. As the Biology Resident Expert in School House, he is excited to help students find ways to capitalize on their unique skills and interest as a way to engage with/succeed in biology courses! He plans to pursue graduate level research in the UK and/or an MD/PhD program following graduation. From shark diving to sky diving to climbing waterfalls to crutching marathons, Nick always says yes to new adventures or challenges and tries to live by the motto “When you make every experience a lesson, life becomes your classroom.”

Anirudh Udutha is a Neuroscience major from Atlanta, GA. He has tutored calculus and chemistry courses for 3 years. He is a UGA for the Interfaith Floor LLC and editor for the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science. As a Chem Resident Expert in West House, he enjoys helping students understand and apply chemistry concepts. He hopes to pursue a career as a physician. He is also a black belt in Taekwondo and loves training with Dartmouth's Club Taekwondo team.

Jiarui Wang is an economics and mathematics double major from Warrington, PA. He has enjoyed helping people with their econ courses since becoming a peer tutor freshman year, and is excited to continue doing so as School House’s Econ Resident Expert. In addition, Jiarui serves as the President of the Dartmouth Business Journal and a Vice President of the Dartmouth Minorities in Business Association. He hopes to pursue a career in tech or tech investing, and can be found hiking the trails around campus in his free time. 

Kai Yan is an economics major and Chinese language and literature minor from Iowa. He has worked with the Academic Skills Center as an economics tutor for the past two years. On campus, he has been involved in research with the Economics Department as well as a member of the Dartmouth Forensics Union, which has enabled Kai to speak at speeds of upwards of 350 words per minute (ask for a demonstration!). As the Econ Resident Expert for East Wheelock, he is excited to get to know more students and help them succeed in their economics courses. Over the summer, Kai interned as a consultant in his role as a Summer Associate for Parthenon-EY, and he hopes to pursue a career in consulting after graduation. 

Jade Yen is a math modified by biology major, and a Classics minor. She is pre-health, and comes from Avon, CT. During her Dartmouth career, Jade has worked as a Math 3 Learning Fellow, tutored multiple courses for the Academic Skills Center, and has tutored for the Greek & Latin Study Center. As a Math Resident Expert for North Park/South Houses, she strives to use her past experiences as a foundation for helping current students succeed in their math classes, and in any future classes they take. On campus, Jade is a member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, and has participated on the Woodsmen's team. Eventually, Jade aspires to attend medical school, an interest which first began because of Grey’s Anatomy. 

Jennifer Zhao is a biological chemistry major and Chinese language and literature minor from Brooklyn, New York. She is new tutor to the Academic Skills Center, but she is excited to help students as the Chem Resident Expert in North Park/South houses with introductory chemistry classes and inspire them to love chemistry as much as she does. On campus, she works in organic synthesis in the Gribble lab, welcomes patrons at Kresge Library, coordinates Nathan Smith Society events for students interested in pharmacy, volunteers for the Volunteers for Cancer Patients program (formally known as CAPS), and lives in the STEM Collective LLC. She hopes to attend pharmacy school and pursue a career as a clinical pharmacist. She loves cartoon shows and is an avid fan of Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and We Bare Bears.