Program Policies & Procedures

  • Meetings should occur on a weekly basis, unless both members of the pair agree to operate on a different schedule. Scheduling meetings is the responsibility of the pair and should be determined in advance.
  • The Tutor Clearinghouse will fully subsidize up to 2 hours per week per match. Any meetings in excess of that will be at the tutee's own expense or will be considered community service.
  • The style, time, and location of the meetings will be at the discretion of the CP pair.
  • Conversation Partners are NOT to discuss course work or class topics with their tutee during CP meetings. The only obligation of the CP is to converse with the student in the language of study. They are NOT to correct or teach the student grammar, though they may provide the student with new vocabulary when appropriate.
  • Both members of the pair should keep an accurate record of all meetings. Any student who falsifies these records will be subject to disciplinary action by the College.
  • The language of study is to be the only language spoken at conversation partner meetings, except in rare instances when it is impossible to do so. 
  • Any students who have been matched in a prior term, who want to continue to work together in an immediately-following term, must still submit the requisite paperwork for approval. Assumptions about your ability to continue to work together should not be considered an automatic approval (on your part) to do so.