Become a Conversation Partner

Who Can Apply?

In order to be a conversation partner, you must be recommended by a professor, even if you are a native speaker of the language.

We give preference to those who are near-native or native speakers. With a strong application and professor recommendation it is definitely possible for non-native speakers to be hired as CPs.

We realize that many native speakers will not have taken a class at Dartmouth in their native language, which is fine since you will not be assisting the student with course work or class concepts. However, you will still need a professor recommendation to complete your application. This can be given by a faculty/supervisor if you are or have been a drill instructor, or you may go have a short conversation with a professor of that language and ask them to write your recommendation based on your conversation (in that language). While knowing a professor personally will produce a stronger recommendation, the recommendation consists only of an evaluation of your speaking skills, so a personal relationship is not required for the recommendation.


International Students are subject to different rules regarding on-campus employment.  Before accepting any employment be sure to review the rules and contact your OVIS advisor if you have any questions. 

F-1 students, see:;

J-1 students, see:

Application Process

  1. Fill out the Conversation Partner application.
  2. Ask your recommending professor to fill out the recommendation form and email it to the Tutor Clearinghouse. Please note that in order to be a conversation partner you must be recommended by a professor, even if you are a native speaker of the language. 
  3. The Tutor Clearinghouse will review your application and recommendation from your professor and will notify you if you have been hired and matched.
  4. Your students should contact you within a week of the match being made to set up your first meeting.


  • All CPs are expected to accommodate up to two hours per week of conversation per student assigned and provide these services throughout the term on a 1:1 basis. The rate of pay will be $8/hour.
  • CPs are NOT to discuss class content or coursework with the students, nor are they to explain or teach grammar. Their sole responsibility is to provide the student with speaking, listening, and communication practice.
  • CPs should clearly communicate any concerns that you may have regarding the match (i.e. conflicting schedules, inappropriate match due to differences in learning or teaching styles, etc.)
  • CPs should notify the Tutor Clearinghouse (either by blitz or in person) of any changes in your availability within 7 days of receiving notification of the match or two weeks following a session that results in no follow-up. This will include advising us of students who do not appear to need the services.
  • CPs must notify the Tutor Clearinghouse immediately when you have experienced a change in your schedule which will adversely affect your CP responsibilities. Changes to your CP arrangement can be made only by the Clearinghouse staff.