Resident Experts FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Resident Expert?

Resident Experts provide weekly academic support to students in specific areas of concentration (STEM mostly). Each Resident Experts holds a study hall that accommodates drop-in tutoring.


Who is my Resident Expert?

You can find your Resident Experts on our website.


When and where does my Resident Expert hold a study session?

This depends on the Resident Expert. You can find specifics on our website.


Can I go to another house’s study session?

Yes! Feel free to utilize all resources!


How can I become a Resident Expert?

You can submit an application on our website: All Resident Experts should have achieved an A/A- in the fundamental courses required for this major. The ideal candidate will be a BIOL, CHEM, ECON, and/or MATH major or minor. Resident Experts are expected to hold one study hall to 1.5 hrs/week. A pre-exam review session may be held one time during reading period.


How much do Resident Experts get paid?

Resident Experts get paid $15.00/hr.